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Scratching Surface Refill Pack (Refill Only)

ScratchPad for Dogs

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Scratching Surface Refill Pack (Refill Only)-ScratchPad for Dogs

The sandpaper on your ScratchPad is professional grade, and specifically chosen for its durability. However, it may need to be replaced before your ScratchPad is worn out. We offer refill packs so you can replace it if necessary.

On average, with normal use as directed for one to two dogs, your scratching surface should last 6-9 months. We are confident in the quality of our sandpaper and offer a guarantee*. If you find that your sandpaper has worn down in less than 6 months, please contact us for a complimentary refill pack.

In the meantime, see our FAQ section for our advice to prolong the life of your ScratchPad's abrasive surface. 

We do not accept returns on refill packs. 

*See the FAQ section for details of our abrasive surface guarantee

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