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Training Your Dog to Use His Hind Feet

Teaching Your Dog to Use a ScratchPad: Hind Feet

We recommend that your dog is proficient at using the ScratchPad with his front paws before training the back feet.

Step 1: Gather your dog's favorite treats.

Step 2: Prop the board against a piece of furniture, an ottoman, table, or on some stairs. You want the dog to be able to stand on his hind legs with his front feet on the step or surface above the board. His hind feet should be on the floor directly in front of the ScratchPad. For small dogs, you may need to turn the board on its side. 

Step 3: Hold a treat in front of your dogs above the board. This will encourage him to stretch to get the treat, pick up his back feet, and and touch the ScratchPad, almost as if he's going to walk up it like a ramp. Once your dog's feet make contact with the ScratchPad, give him the treat - this is the motion that you want to capture.

Step 4: Continue to repeat step 3 until your dog understands that you're asking him to scratch his feet at the board.

Note: Your dog's back nails will not be filed down as quickly as the front nails as dogs generally aren't using as much force with this movement.

We recommend using these instructions with our training video here.

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