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Personalized Training Plan

ScratchPad for Dogs

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Personalized Training Plan-ScratchPad for Dogs

At ScratchPad™, we understand that some dogs may have difficulty getting started using the board. We provide a written training guide with each purchase, update our page with FAQs on getting started, and provide support via email and chat to each customer.

If you would like more in-depth information or just want some personalized support for your particular dog(s), we have a training plan option to help you and your dog.

The training plan starts with email communication with our founder, or one of our ScratchPad™ experts, to help you through any questions you have about working with your dog and his ScratchPad™. We will ask questions to understand how your dog interacts with the board and provide specific, specialized instructions for working with your dog. It will be like we are right there with you, an individualized training plan just for you and your dog. Our spokesdog, Ripley, may even join in the fun for an emailed video demo.