ScratchPad for Dogs

Starter Pack - ScratchPad for Dogs®

$54.36 $63.95

Are you new to using a ScratchPad with your dog? This is the best place to start! Our Starter Pack (with over in $80 value!) includes:

  • One double-sided Original ScratchPad for Dogs® nail file
  • One Refill Pack to completely refresh your ScratchPad scratching surface 
  • 4 of our Etta Says! super tasty jerky dog treats (variety) at a buy 2, get 2 free discount! Please specify a treat flavor in the order notes if you have a preference or allergy, otherwise a random choice will be selected
  • 2 packs of our brand new Lord Jameson organic dog treats (choice of flavor) at a 60% discount! 
  • Training Guide for front and hind feet
  • FREE email training support
  • FREE shipping within the United States
  • Coupon code for future purchases

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Taylor G.
5 Stars :)

I loved how large and sturdy the board was plus that it had a coarse and rough side which is perfect since my two dogs have different toughness of their nails

Deborah S.
First review

THis review I based on what I received, I have only had time to teach her to step on the pad. I was happy to read the section about working with a dog that doesn't do the treat under the cloth. That will help when I have time to really work with her.

Trish K.
Great for Front Paws and in Between Clipping

My dog took to using her front paws on this with the rag and treat method pretty quickly. The back paw training is a little more difficult, but I think with enough training she'll be able to get it. I'm still clipping her dewclaws and her back paws, but even cutting down the frequency of her clippings in half makes this a worthwhile purchase.

The ScratchPad itself seems sturdy and well made. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product. It's not a quick fix and if you're unable to clip any of your dog's nails, you still might have to let a groomer/vet trim them until they get the training down. This board will easily pay for itself in the long run, though, since local trimming prices are around $15.

Kelly M.
Great product!

This is a great product for clipper shy dogs!

Patricia H.
It only took about 15

It only took about 15 minutes for my pup to learn what I wanted her to do with her front paws. She's eager to scratch for treats.